Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and a chipped tooth

For Liv's first Halloween, it was only fitting for her to be a lion since that is pretty much her signature.  She has been able to do the lion noise since she was 7 months old and hasn't stopped since.  I was late on finding a lion costume so I figured I'd just make one.  Here is her mane and boots along with a tutu and a tail.  The only problem was she completely hated it.  Wouldn't even wear the mane for a picture. Maybe next year, right?

When she fell asleep I painted her face.  She smeared it a bit in the process, but I was all by myself just laughing as I did it.  Until I accidentally woke her up.  Then it wasn't funny anymore. 

This expresses her sentiments perfectly about how she felt about her costume.  So glad you liked it, Liv.  I only spent hours and hours making it.  : )

Here are two of my favorite people ever.  My neighbor Amanda and my friend Katie at our ward Halloween party.  We are all in Young Women's and we were over the party this year.

Katie again.  Liv and I went as the circus...I was the ring master and she was the lion.  Taylor had to leave out of town at like 2am so he wasn't feeling up to dress up in his 'World's Strongest Man' costume.

How darling are my beehives?  I just love them!

This is me chipping my tooth this week--literally doing nothing.  I was sitting at the computer at 11pm and it just fell out.  I must have done something earlier that weakened it--like enduring pregnancy and throwing up 2.3 million times.  It doesn't look bad in this picture, but it really was.  The entire front of my tooth is chipped off (not all the way through).  So weird, but I got it fixed asap!

 You can't even tell I had it fixed! What a dentist, that Dr. Ellis is.

Also, I would post more of this weeks events...oh like me having to go to InstaCare over an ingrown toenail (again).  Gross.  And me getting the stomach flu.  Both are photos you really don't want to see.

Liv's bday post coming soon! Taylor was out of town on Thursday for her birthday, so we are celebrating tonight.


  1. oh my word!! First of all... cutest lion and ring master ever... second... your tooth!!! That makes me so nervous! haha like my worst nightmare and here you are doing nothing and it happens... I guess I better make a dentist apt... since I haven't gone in years I don't even know what I would do if this situation came... ;) Miss you friend! XO

  2. How did you get your tooth fixed? I chipped mine identical to yours so 'i would appreciate some help!