Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pretty Woman

I recently had an encounter that reminded me of this classic scene:

Here's what really happened: Taylor and I were heading to Mississippi for the weekend.  I'd read the forecast and it predicted rain. Lots of it.  Since we were going to be outside at a football game, I headed over to the closest mall in search of a rain jacket.  I went to this store (I can't remember the exact name).  It's on the corner where Nordstrom used to be, across from Banana Republic and that Black and White store.  I popped in for a quick look.  The sales associate looked me up and down and asked me if I needed help.

Me: "No, just browsing around, thanks."
Her: "Are you looking for something in particular?"
Me: "Well actually, I'm looking for a jacket..."
Her: "The only jackets we have are over $100 so I don't think you'd be interested."
Me: (shocked pause) Why thank you, I'd love to take a look at the one hundred dollar jackets (as I emphasize the words one hundred) before I left.

Seriously hilarious.  The best part is, I'm wondering what about my appearance made her feel inclined to say that?

In other news, Taylor and I had a fabulous time in the South.  And turns out, I didn't even need a rain jacket.  Here are my favorite things about our little trip to the South:

1. Most friendly place I have ever visited.  Over the top, friendly.
2. I felt super skinny next to all the fried-chicken-eatin' peeps.  I really don't think healthy food exists there.  Oh and I'm pretty sure I had more teeth than anyone we met.
3. So green and gorgeous.
4. There was a streaker at the football game...never disappointing.
5. We flew out of the Provo Airport which actually rocked... AND I slept 12 hours uninterrupted. AND I got to spend some one on one time with my man.



    I am ROLLING right now!!! At first glance I thought she said $1,000.00 and I thought, okay maybe she just thinks they are overpriced too... but $100?? How many jackets do you get for $25 these day anyway? hahah idiots...

    ps miss you!! xoxo