Friday, September 7, 2012

My man turned 30!

So my man turned thirty this year.  I was anticipating it to be a bit of a sensitive one...thirty is a big one and not an easy milestone for some so I was thinking big.  I wanted to catch him by complete surprise.  Something he'd totally love.  The guy works nonstop.  He needed a break.  

Knowing we couldn't really take an entire week to go scuba diving which is his favorite thing, I opted for what I thought would be the next best thing: a trip to NYC to see his favorite baseball team (Texas Rangers) play in Yankee Stadium, go see our favorite late-night guy, Jimmy Fallon, eats lots of delicious food, see his only brother who lives there...the list goes on and on.  NYC I thought sounded golden.  I wanted it to be a complete surprise all the way up until we arrived at the airport.  

So I began planning away...secretly of course.  One night, after getting all the details together, I was attempting to sneak upstairs to book the whole thing.  Taylor kept asking me why in the world I was missing the Olympics as I hid up in our room.  Finally telling him to mind his own business, that I was doing something for his birthday, I reminded him again that he needed to get his birthday and the following day off of work.   Here's how the conversation went: 

Me: remember to get the 13th and 14th off of work.  

Taylor: Oh, yeah.  I can do that we aren't going to NYC with my family in September. 
(side note: we were thinking about going to NYC in Sept. with his family but plans fell through).  By the way, sooo glad we aren't going to New York.  That's the last place I want to be right now..blah blah blah (reasons for why he didn't want to go).  I'd rather go someplace relaxing.  

Me: (nervous laugh) then blank stare. 

The truth eventually came out and he felt really bad trying to tell me how fun that trip sounded I'd planned.  Get real, I knew the truth.  But I was just relieved I hadn't booked anything or there may have been some tears shed.  

So we went on a stay-cation instead.  To Park City.  And it rocked.  We stayed here (minus the snow): 

Let me just say that "Vacation Kacie" is much more fun than real life Kacie.  His words, not mine.  We spent his 30th birthday doing everything a 12 year old would probably love doing:  we rode the Alpine Slide, Zip Line and Coaster.  We even ate Dip N' Dots.  If that isn't the epitome of celebrating your youth, I don't know what is.  We laughed the whole time, went to movie, ate at his favorite restaurant in PC and ended the night with some delicious room service birthday dessert.  And the best part? We felt a million miles from home.  

Oh, and here's what I got him for his birthday: Texas vs Ole Miss football tickets (in Oxford, Mississippi),  Apple TV and a new Hugo Boss suit.  

     Excuse the dungeon picture.  Since we were going to be out of town,  I didn't make Taylor a cake.      
     DP is his favorite beverage of choice so I improvised.

Let me explain this gift.  I printed our a picture of a  grey suit and glued his head to the body.  I couldn't pick a suit out for needs to be fitted.  So I did the next best thing.   He thinks I'm such a weirdo, but you should have seen his face when he opened it up.  Hilarious.

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