Friday, September 7, 2012

Goodbye, summer

See you next year, summer.
That's right, folks.  I made this white chocolate, red velvet cake for my sister Callie's 30th birthday.  She flew all the way from Seattle just for her birthday and Lake Powell so naturally I dug deep and connected with my inner Martha. 

Liv and I left Taylor home to work.  First Lake Powell trip was a mild success.  We need to toughen her up a bit, but it was so fun to be with my family.  
I will miss summer raspberry deliciousness.  A million bottles of jam plus two homemade pies (three if you count the one I threw on the kitchen floor..oops)

This little fish is going to miss her hippo pool.  But it will be awesome next year because she won't even remember it exists.  

This is probably the thing I will miss the most about summer--my mom.  You see, my mom teaches first grade full-time and goes to every single one of my little sister Kenzi's volleyball tournaments.  See you next summer, Mom.  It sure was great being able to call you at 11am if I felt like it.

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